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“Daddy, is she a robot?”: The True, Sinister Narrative of AI

Computer Software as Mind When I began programming computers, I believed that the processes of the human mind were equivalent to those of our computer programs: this idea is still popular among those in mathematics and technical fields, and professed directly in the field called “Cognitive Science.” Artificial Intelligence, according to this view, is the […]

Philosophy Religion

Saving Original Sin in a Secular Age

Introduction In this age, long years of formal education foster our disbelief in anything supernatural. And since the central tenets of religion involve the supernatural, many professors, journalists, teachers, and other intellectuals reject religion as a whole. Human reproduction requires an ovum from the female, a sperm cell from the male. We can’t believe in […]


The Four Seasons and Human Passions

How they affect us, the four seasons–if we live in a place and culture in which we experience them as such. I am not talking just about their measure by astronomical events, beginning and ending with a solstice or an equinox. Rather, I’m referring to how they are perceived by our senses, and how the […]

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Reading Bob Dylan’s “You’re Gonna Make Me Lonely” with Respect to Ancient Concepts of Love

Some objects enchant us throughout our lives. We think of them and wonder: how could such sublimity be the creation of a mere mortal. The idea that their are muses, providing divine inspiration, solves the problem–though in our scientific times only few of us believe in them. Here a link to a nice version from […]


What About Guns?

Risking the folly of writing a long introduction to a short text, I’ll offer a tiny sliver of autobiography: I grew up among the moderate left, the kind who enjoyed university education in the more abstract fields–and though I still consider myself a member of that class, there are parts of our beliefs which I […]