The Four Seasons and Human Passions

How they affect us, the four seasons–if we live in a place and culture in which we experience them as such. I am not talking just about their measure by astronomical events, beginning and ending with a solstice or an equinox. Rather, I’m referring to how they are perceived by our senses, and how the […]

Language Music

Reading Bob Dylan’s “You’re Gonna Make Me Lonely” with Respect to Ancient Concepts of Love

Some objects enchant us throughout our lives. We think of them and wonder: how could such sublimity be the creation of a mere mortal. The idea that their are muses, providing divine inspiration, solves the problem–though in our scientific times only few of us believe in them. Here a link to a nice version from […]


What About Guns?

Risking the folly of writing a long introduction to a short text, I’ll offer a tiny sliver of autobiography: I grew up among the moderate left, the kind who enjoyed university education in the more abstract fields–and though I still consider myself a member of that class, there are parts of our beliefs which I […]